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Thank you for participating in the 3rd annual Moneyball Fundraiser for Brookfield East Softball!

Please reference this page for any information regarding schedules and rules.

2017 Moneyball - PLEASE READ

Pool Play and Bracket Play. 
Please check in with us 30 mins before your scheduled first game, you will be given a copy of rules and your moneyball which you are responsible for the entire day, please return it when you are done for the day. 
Please make sure you know game times but we will start up to 30 mins before hand. 
Game times are 45 mins or 5 innings, which ever comes first. 
We will have concessions available with walking tacos and other snacks! 
Thank you for playing in our 3rd annual Moneyball tournament. We look forward to seeing you in a couple weeks! 
Please call or email with questions!